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UC Berkeley, California

An addition to the architecture/environmental design building at the University of California, Berkeley, the new CAD/CAM facility formed around challenging site constraints. The design called for repurposing of the existing north & west concrete courtyard walls as partial-height building perimeter elements. There was a tremendous amount of infrastructure beneath the building, so a “mini-mat” slab was utilized with select portions thickened to accommodate connections to the steel superstructure. The design team selected a Special Concentrically Braced Frame system to minimize surcharge on the existing 1960s era west retaining wall and to provide adequate stiffness without surrendering openness.

In keeping with the spirit of the building’s original design, most of the structure is exposed and thoughtfully detailed so it may be used as a learning tool for the architecture and environmental design students.

Architect  Mark Cavagnero Associates
Contractor Vila Construction
Photographer Tim Griffith; Jon Brody


structural engineers

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