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Angwin, California
Two carefully crafted structures of intimate scale, the new tasting room and wine library buildings maximize their connection to the landscape and the terrain. The wooden slatted shade “ghost” structure over the tasting room mimics the shape of the shed that formerly occupied the site. The wine library, a carefully detailed board formed concrete box, also memorializes its predecessors, revealing a fossilized high-relief panel cast formed using the original doors of the bygone wooden shed.


The log wall screen plays upon the graphic identity of the winery and its label. To achieve this unusual structure, a full scale mockup was built of the cantilevered log walls to verify both aesthetics and structural suitability. Water-cut from 1½” steel plate, the perforated screen structure cantilevers vertically 10’ above the base.

The independent “ghost structure” roof comprises scissor trusses which rest on long rectangular HSS beams supported by slender steel pipe columns cantilevering up from the mat slab. The scissors trusses utilize carefully concealed detailing to realize the architect’s strict aesthetic requirements.

Architect  Melander Architects, Inc.
Contractor Cello & Maudru Construction
Photographer Michael Hospelt


structural engineers

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