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Santa Monica, California
Built of concrete, steel and wood, this award-winning residence showcases the potential of each material for residential construction. The battered, board formed concrete walls at the lower level contrast with the lightness of the wood framing above. The superior spanning ability of steel allows for the spectacular column-free corner opening at the courtyard, allowing for unobstructed connection to the outdoors. The steel is picked up again at the stairs and balconies. While the long spanning potential of steel occurs elsewhere in the structure, the long horizontal window openings express the ability of concrete to span nearly as easily. Slender steel pipe columns gracefully express their load-carrying function. They narrow at the top in an elegant reveal where they connect to the roof framing. The formwork is especially critical when the concrete will be exposed. Careful detailing of reinforcing steel is of the utmost importance to ensure reliable structural performance, as well as to minimize cracking. This is true for the foundations and slabs as well as the walls.
Architect  Chun Design Studios
Contractor Minardos Construction Associates
Photographer Tim Street-Porter


structural engineers

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