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Oakland, California
n-situ load transfer requires meticulous engineering and coordination between engineer and contractor to avoid cracking, excessive deflection, or other undesirable results. Here, a basement column was removed at the Oakland Museum of California to allow for a new classroom space. Shoring of the three stories of structure above the removed column was avoided through careful design and attention to the load transfer sequence.
The Oakland Museum Of California is a reinforced concrete structure occupying four square blocks in downtown Oakland. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen and completed by Roche-Dinkeloo in the 1960s, the unique structure is an internationally significant complex built to house an overview of the rich history of the art, land, and people of California. In 1999, Jon Brody Structural Engineers performed a summary seismic review of the structure. This report, which included recommendations for retrofit measures, has been used as the basis for discussion and planning of future strengthening proposals.
Architect  Mark Cavagnero Associates
Contractor BBI Construction
Photographer Jon Brody


structural engineers

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