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Marin Community Foundation Headquarters
Marin, California
Jon Brody Structural Engineers received an Excellence In Structural Engineering Award in 2003 from the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California for our solution to the unique structural issues presented by this project. The new, curved interior pedestrian bridge skims over a layer of translucent panels arranged in a saw-tooth pattern. The panels fill in the existing mezzanine opening while still allowing light to the space below. The sleek bridge suspends from the existing airplane hangar trusses on new tie rods arranged in a staggered pattern. Clean, simple detailing minimizes distraction from the sleek lines of the bridge, and enhances the sense that the new bridge is floating. The curved bridge crosses the 60’ opening with just an 8" framing depth. The deck and guardrail are composed of stainless steel elements. Separate, partially deconstructed structures built of lightweight metal, gypsum board and glass house the various uses; each volume is an innovative form in itself.
Architect  Mark Cavagnero Associates


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